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What is a marketing strategy from Solve Marketing?

  • A 360° overview of the market situation will allow you to take into account all the risks and opportunities for your business development.
  • Guidance on how to start, optimize, and scale your marketing to achieve your goals.

You will get answers to the main business questions:


What exactly do you need to do to achieve your goal?


What resources are needed for this, how much will it cost?


How much time will it take?

Feedback from
our customers

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Anastasiia Kononchuk Acting Marketing Director, ANT Logistics

I would like to thank the Solve Marketing team for your work. The marketing analysis that you have done for our company is something extraordinary.


We have had the experience of getting such a service from other agencies, but the result was always disappointing. In fact, the most impressive thing was to get analytics not only from the marketing point of view but also from certain business processes that have an impact on the final result. You can immediately see that you care about the customer and want to help, not just sell your services. And as for the marketing part, it’s very cool that even in the analysis we can see the first steps of the work you suggest to start with. Thank you for exceeding our expectations and we are absolutely sure that every penny paid for this service was worked out in three times the amount.


We wish you every success!

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Vitalii Ukrainian entrepreneur in Canada

Regarding the services you provided, I can say that the task was completed as agreed. I liked everything.

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More details

If you’ve encountered
these problems, the strategy will help you solve them:


Not enough information to make decisions


Marketing Analysis

Researching the market, competitors, and your business. Provide recommendations to improve identified weaknesses and strengthen what is already working well.


Your competitors' sales team is selling, but it's not clear what they're doing to attract customers


Mystery shopping

Intelligence on competitors’ actions and detailed recommendations on what to do to make your sales team the best in the market.


Customers can't remember what makes you different



We will develop a positioning that will distinguish you in the market, make you memorable, help you create effective advertising and increase sales.


You don't have enough experience to create a marketing plan for your company


Marketing strategy

We will find answers to the questions of what exactly and in what sequence you need to do to achieve your business goals.


Few leads at too high a price


Lead generation strategy

Analyzing the setup of advertising campaigns, analyzing texts and creatives will help you find ways to increase the number and reduce the cost of leads.


Your content doesn't attract customers' attention


Content strategy

Creating headings and examples of posts, taking into account the positioning and key advantages of your offer.


The cost of strategy

It all starts with a free consultation
with a Solve Marketing marketer.

During the consultation, we discuss:

icon Plans and needs of your business.

icon The main tasks of marketing strategy.

icon We determine the cost of such work.

About us

We are marketing practitioners. We work as a remote marketing department for our clients.


  • Two to three calendar weeks (depending on the chosen content).

    • – Project manager — organizes the entire communication process to make our cooperation as comfortable as possible.
    • – A project marketer who will analyze the market, competitors, and the project itself and develop a marketing strategy based on this data.
    • – A content marketer who will analyze the content on your website and social media and create a step-by-step plan for the development of this area.
    • – A lead generation specialist will analyze your current lead generation tools, provide recommendations for improvement, and help you choose additional tools that will be effective for your business.
  • We develop the strategy and can implement it on a turnkey basis so that you can focus on other business issues.

  • We have experience with both international SaaS projects and manufacturing. We work with financial and tech startups, logistics projects, training courses, services, and services.

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