What you need

To become a leader
and stand out from the competition

Usually, you need to put your efforts in the right direction.
But you need the experience to determine this direction.

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with a marketer

Get expert advice to find out how to achieve the planned results in your case.

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I am Serhii Soloviov, CEO at Solve Marketing.

I invite you to take advantage of my experience to get answers to your questions about the development of your company’s marketing.

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  • 15

    years of experience in managing digital marketing projects.

  • 5

    years of experience in running my own business.

  • 450+

    completed projects.

I am Kristina Hladunova, Lead of marketing at Solve Marketing.

I specialize in promoting businesses in the b2b, retail, SaaS, and services sectors. I will be happy to conduct an analysis for your business or startup.

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  • 8+

    years in marketing.

  • 65+

    completed projects.

  • 100+

    consultations on strategic marketing.

I am Kateryna Bilokon, СОО at Solve Marketing.

I know where to look for clients in b2b. I am best versed in education (b2b and b2с) and Saas. I know how to work with online media.

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  • 5+

    years in marketing.

  • My COO experience will help you quickly integrate the marketing department into your company’s processes.

    The most frequently
    asked questions


    I need to understand where to go next in marketing development


    I need to think about someone to solve marketing issues in the company


    There is a "topic" that is expensive to implement. You need advice on the idea and marketing to promote it

    How to get
    a consultation?


    Step 1

    Leave a request via the form.


    Step 2

    Get a confirmation in the messenger about the time of the consultation.


    Step 3

    Get answers to your questions in the format of a Zoom conference with the possibility of recording.

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      What is the value of a consultation?

      A consultation
      60,000 euros:

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      Who are

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      About us

      Solve Marketing — the remote marketing department


      • Please allow 1 to 2 hours for the consultation and development of your business.
      • Yes, you can bring an assistant. In addition, we remind you that during the consultation, a recording will be made that you can use with your team.
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