Olena Zadniprovska
Head of Content Team 
and content-marketer

  • Content production for all platforms from idea to publication.
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Welcome! Today we have an interview with Olena Zadniprovska, Head of the Department and Content Marketer at our agency. 

Could you please tell us how and when you decided to start your journey in online marketing?

— I ended up in online marketing almost by accident. Six years ago, I joined a travel company as a sales manager, and we were simultaneously making posts on social media and sending out newsletters. And I like writing. My boss noticed this and began to delegate the entire marketing department to me. At first, I was just writing texts and selecting visuals according to the content plan that was drawn up for me. Then I started developing the content plan and launching targeted advertising. Later, I learned how to create landing pages from scratch, developed a full-fledged website, wrote a marketing strategy, and implemented it by integrating a CRM system. Over the last two years of our work, the marketing department has grown, and I have learned to manage talented girls who have been creating content for social media instead of me. It has been a sometimes difficult but very interesting journey. 

What projects have you worked on during your career? 

— Before the full-scale war started, I worked only on our company’s projects. They included domestic tourism, events, and recreation centers. Now at Solve Marketing, I work with the company’s internal content and a project that integrates CRM systems for business. 

What has been interesting in your work recently? 

— I like to learn. Every company has its style and values. Learning to write texts that can convey this is always interesting. Moreover, I do it not alone, but as part of a team. And in this team, everyone has their strengths, so we can share experiences. 

What do you like most about your job?

— Understand something new and specific and translate it into human language. For example, even a teenager can understand the performance indicators of online marketing. The constant learning process keeps me from getting bored 😁

What is your mission?

— Speaking about my mission as a person, I used to dream of doing something great that would go down in world history. But now my mission is to feel happy and know that I am doing what is necessary for others.

As a specialist, I still defined a separate mission for myself. To convey the information the company needs so that it gets to the heart of the potential client of this brand. To make the content useful and interesting. 

In your opinion, what are the pros and cons of the content marketing profession?

— A huge advantage, but at the same time a disadvantage — you can’t stop. You always need to follow trends. Keep your finger on the pulse of your project, and don’t forget about competitors. 

In addition, while working on projects, you can learn interesting facts that will help you at the most unexpected moment. This is an advantage of this kind of work for me.

I’ve also always been attracted to the opportunity to be creative. But in addition to creativity, you have to be careful. Did you formulate the sentence correctly so that not only you understand it? Did you put a comma there and how did you format the text? Here you need to keep your eyes open. 

What is the hardest part of your job as a content marketer right now?

— Synchronization of “expectations” and “reality”. Each of us is an artist at heart, so we have our vision. And learning to understand what a person imagined when they asked you to write a text can be difficult. But this, in my opinion, is the pain of every content marketer or designer 🙂.

I also need to synchronize my sense of time with the team. Because everyone has their own pace of work and priorities. And sometimes we have to wait a day or two for the text to be approved, which is also normal because it doesn’t always depend on us. This is something that is still difficult for me, but I’m slowly getting used to it. 

What qualities should a content marketer have? 

— The most important thing, in my opinion, is to love people and good texts. Yes, we must be able to write interestingly and competently. But you should always remember who you are doing it for and why. 

It is also important for a content marketer to be able to collect information and process it. Sometimes you have someone to ask for help. But more often than not, you will use your time more efficiently if you go on your own and find a gem. 

As for me, having the above qualities means being halfway to a personal victory on the path of Internet marketing 😎

What advice would you give to a newbie who came to study with you?

— First, install apps and extensions that help you automatically check your texts for errors. 

Second, stop waste your time and keep working. Even if you’re scared of making a mistake, you take a deep breath, pick up the document, and work. Otherwise, how can you understand what you do well and where your growth area is? 

Third, don’t take advice and comments on the text personally. This is just an opportunity to learn and improve your work.

What trends do you see in marketing? 

— Nowadays, it is very noticeable when there is no personality in the created content. Attempts to “lick” an account to perfection are a thing of the past. Sincerity and humanity are what catch the eye. That’s why open interaction with the audience (not “replying on Direct”) is something you should pay attention to. 

In addition, it is impossible to ignore the speed of content processing by the audience. It should be either interesting and sincere, and then a lot of letters, or fast and to the point. But still interesting 😏

What advice would you give as a content marketer to entrepreneurs reading this interview?

— To begin with, I’d like to advise you not as a content marketer, but as a human being. Delegate. It is no longer fashionable to be “one person who can do everything”. So don’t hesitate to look for assistants who will help you “cover” certain areas of activity. If you are reading this interview, you have already found at least one such assistant in the form of a remote marketing department.

As a content marketer, I would advise you to pay attention to your personal brend development. Why — see the answer to the previous question. 

Olena, thank you for the interview!

Доброго вечора, ми з України!
Доброго вечора, ми з України!