Violetta Demydenko
Head of PM Team and project manager 

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Welcome! Today we have an interview with Violetta Demydenko, Head of Department and Project Manager at our agency. 

Could you please tell us how and when you decided to start your journey in online marketing?

—I got into internet marketing because of the circumstances that happened in our country, as I was forced to change my job. So I started looking for something that would match my interests. I chose the profession of a project manager and started looking for a company where I would like to work. 

What was your job before you joined our agency?

— Before that, I worked as a coffee shop manager. My responsibilities included working with the team, creating menus, financial accounting, and setting up all the processes. In total, I was involved in the launch of 3 coffee shops in Odesa, from working with contractors who renovated the premises to creating menus and training the team. Therefore, I had project management experience before joining Solve Marketing. 

I was also involved in organizing 15 events and sometimes in hosting them. For example, I organized and hosted the All-Ukrainian Battle, the team’s offsite event at the Vintage Charity Market. It was both a job and a hobby for me. 

What principles guide you in your work? 

— For me, the team always comes first: their sense of self and how they work. I believe that the team is an essential component of the success of any project. 

That’s why I always try to systematize and make the workflow more comfortable, to organize the adaptation process for new employees in such a way that it is faster, more convenient, and clearer. 

What did you find interesting about being a project manager?  

— I discovered that being a project manager is about continuous professional and personal development. Every day you work with several projects and they are completely different. And one way or another, you have to dive deeper into something new because there is a need for it. For me, this opportunity is valuable and interesting. 

What do you like most about your job?

— I am very fascinated by constant development and workload. I am the kind of person who needs constant movement. I’m used to working fast, always running somewhere and doing something. 

The job of a project manager, in my opinion, is exactly that – not to sit around and constantly work.  

What is your mission?

— My mission as a project manager is to build relationships in the team so that everyone feels important and in their right place.

In your opinion, what are the pros and cons of the management profession?

— For me, constant development, workload and communication are huge advantages. I am a very sociable person, so I need as much communication as possible 🙂

Currently, the most difficult thing for me is that my job is sedentary and requires intensive work at the computer. 

There is one more disadvantage, but it applies mostly to newbies – to assimilate and systematize a large amount of new information and carefully understand each workflow that a project manager must control. 

What qualities should a project manager have?

— A project manager must take responsibility for their actions and the activities of the team they manage. 

Also, a project manager must be a sociable and systematic person, because without the latter, a specialist will not be able to build strategies, short-term and long-term plans, etc. 

What were the biggest failures in your practice?

— At the moment, it’s a bit of inattention to work. And the biggest failure during my time running the coffee shop was the lack of profit for a month. But I learned my mistakes and corrected them. 

What advice would you give as a project manager to entrepreneurs reading this interview?

— Don’t be afraid to outsource your marketing to a remote team. Solve Marketing has a very cool and strong team that does everything at the highest level!

— Thank you for the interview, Violetta! I am sure that your experience in managing offline businesses will help our clients many times over!

Доброго вечора, ми з України!
Доброго вечора, ми з України!
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