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Positioning: how a small online store can beat a marketplace

Can a small online store compete for customers’ attention with such market giants as Amazon, Rozetka, AliExpress and other marketplaces? 🤔

Yes! With the help of powerful positioning💪

Positioning is a method of finding a free category in the consciousness of the buyer with which it is profitable to associate the name of a company or product.

Think about it: what brand comes to mind when you think of electric cars or sugary sodas? If you mentioned certain market representatives, it means that this category position is occupied.

So your online store needs to find a free position. If you can’t think of any category representatives, for example, Ukrainian cosmetics manufacturers, it means that you can take the segment😉

In his article for Shop-Express, CEO of Solve Marketing Serhii Soloviov shares the principles of creating positioning that will really work. 

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