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Святковий маркетинг під час війни: що треба враховувати?

Holiday marketing in times of war: what to consider?

A successful marketing strategy should include the use of all possible promotion tools, including holiday marketing. But there is an opinion that during the war in Ukraine, any celebrations are out of time. Is it really true?

Today, Ukrainians are like a bare wire, balancing between hope and despair. We need holidays and everything related to them more than ever. It gives us pleasant emotions, encourages us to fight on and ensures the psychological stability of children. Therefore, holiday marketing will have a positive impact on the morale of the audience and return the business to pre-war levels. 

Our experts shared more details about holiday marketing during the war with the WebPromoExperts Internet Marketing Academy. 

In the article, we talked about: 

— who uses holiday marketing;

— how to play up ordinary products as gifts;

— how to prepare for the holidays to get the desired number of sales.

We have also collected a number of useful tips that will be handy for implementing successful holiday marketing. 

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