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Розроблення маркетингових ілюстрацій для мобільного застосунку — наш кейс

Developing marketing illustrations for a mobile app — our case study

Illustrations are not just about art. Illustrations are an effective marketing tool that solves many business needs: from attracting attention to increasing sales.

In this case study, you will learn how our marketing department created marketing illustrations for the JEVITTY mobile app.

The CMO of the project is Kateryna Bilokon.

Our service is a remote marketing department: development of marketing illustrations.

Case study navigation:

  1. Our customer
  2. Identification of needs
  3. Our team
  4. Our workflow
  5. Results of our work

Approximate time to read the case — 5 minutes

Our customer

JEVITTY is a mobile application with functionality that allows you to monitor your health and, as a result, increase your life expectancy.

The mobile app is available for iPhone and Android users.

JEVITTY’s mission is to revolutionize the way people think and live by providing tools, experts, and services that make dreams of a long life a reality.

Identification of needs

The customer came to us with a specific problem — the existing illustrations did not match the theme of the application.

During the consultation, we identified two main needs.

Need №1. Create more “live” illustrations related to the project idea.

Need №2. To use more emotional colors in the design, in particular purple.

As a result of further discussions, the customer also revealed the following wishes:

Having received this information, we formed a follow-up and discussed our task — to create marketing illustrations for 3 screens:

  1. Email confirmation;
  2. forgot password;
  3. no internet connection.

Our team

After consulting with the customer and building a work plan, we formed a team of specialists who could fulfill all the tasks.


After completing all the preparatory stages, we started to implement our work plan.

1. Writing scripts

Marketing illustrations are created with a project idea and a specific story in mind. This allows them to be used for email marketing, advertising, social media, etc.

With this in mind, we wrote illustration scripts so that there is a common story between marketing illustrations that unites them.

A fragment from the script:

2. Creating sketches and finalizing illustrations

Step 1. We create sketches depicting a character or a fragment from a scene, without details. This is how we find out from the customer whether we have “hit” the idea of the app. After all, one idea can be depicted with many different scenes.

Examples of sketches:

Step 2. After the sketches are approved, we work on the final version of the illustrations.

Results of our work

We were able to meet the customer’s needs: make the mobile app more colorful and emotional and convey the main idea. What was the result? Check it out below!

Remote marketing department for your business

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