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A web designer

— is a specialist whose task is not just to create a beautiful picture, but also to design a website that can keep a potential client of your business on the page.

More and more customers prefer to order goods and services online, saving their time. The information flow is getting faster and faster, and users don't want to spend a lot of time perceiving content. The visitor subconsciously evaluates the individual design of the site in the first seconds and decides to stay or leave the page in search of a better resource.

High-quality website design and development by professionals is the key to successful online business. Even the best and most profitable product will sell poorly if the resource looks like it's from the year 2000 and has an inconvenient, ill-conceived UI UX design.

A website is not just a business card with contact information, it is a virtual space where users can interact with your content, find the information they need, and make decisions about ordering. A professional and stylish website design instantly attracts attention and inspires trust.

Visual impression

When we create a web design from scratch, we take care of the first visual impression.

The cost of work is affected by:

The structure
Color palette

User experience and usabilityUI/UX web design

Our company creates web design based on the rules of UI (User Interface) and UX (User Experience).

UI (User Interface)

UI design is focused on the visual interface. The designer needs to create an attractive, but at the same time functional and easy-to-use layout. Not only styles are important in web design, but also usability.

For UI it is important to:

  • pleasant fonts that are easy to read and consistent with each other;
  • clear structure, easy navigation, logical and intuitive placement of blocks;
  • adaptive website for different devices for correct display on different types of screens with different diagonals.
UX (User Experience)

The UX design of a website takes care of the user's path between pages, how easily they find the necessary data and make the planned conversions.

The following aspects are important in UX:

  • understanding the needs and characteristics of the target audience;
  • studying the sequence of actions on the website; the average user to achieve their goals;
  • optimization of key points;
  • creation of intuitive elements to simplify the search for information and reduce the percentage of exits;
  • creation of convenient forms for data entry;
  • testing and optimization.

Website redesign

— is an update of the website's appearance and functionality.

Redesign is necessary to maintain relevance and increase conversion. Thanks to a high-quality update, the site not only attracts new customers but also retains the existing audience. This solution is suitable if you already have an existing website that does not meet modern trends. Creating a completely new website can create confusion among your customers, as they are used to the old address, it is indicated on printed materials, etc. It is easier to order a website redesign than to create one from scratch.

When is a redesign necessary?

  • 01
    The design of the site is outdated. Users are scared off by its appearance.
  • 02
    The interface is complicated, which reduces conversion and increases the exit rate.
  • 03
    The site is not adapted for the mobile version.
  • 04
    Your goals, products, and positioning have changed.
  • 05
    Technical solutions are outdated.

Order a professional website redesign from us.

The cost depends on the complexity of the project and the number of changes. I want to redesign the site

Why should you order a design from us?

Website development by Solve Marketing is always a team effort and project support by a marketer. This is what allows future websites to be not only unique, beautiful, and meaningful, but also not to lose focus of the main goal — a positive decision to buy / order / cooperate.

Thanks to our experience in working with various topics, we help clients not only from Ukraine but also from Europe.

Our experience:

$4 000 000

in profit for our clients per year.
We work for results!

Our goal:

to make their brands recognizable and ensure stable online sales.

Frequently asked questions about website design development

The requests of clients who come to us for website design often differ from each other. But there are some questions that almost everyone asks.

  • Website design development includes:
    • collection of requirements;
    • creating a structure;
    • selection of colors and printing house;
    • development of layouts;
    • selection of headings and graphic elements;
    • interactivity;
    • testing;
    • coordination with the client and marketers with project designers;
    • layout and development;
    • testing on a live server;
    • launch and support.
  • We create a turnkey website design that is individually adapted to your niche, market positioning, target audience, and its needs. Prices for website design depend on the scope and complexity of the project.
  • 1. Unlimited access: your own website allows your business to be available 24/7 to potential customers, regardless of time or place. 2. Increased trust: a professionally designed website increases customer confidence and creates a first positive opinion. 3. Increase sales: your website can serve as a powerful tool for selling goods or services. 4. Competitiveness: most of your competitors already have their own websites. Creating your own website will help you stay ahead of them.

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