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As a remote marketing department, we specialize in developing comprehensive marketing strategies (often including advertising and brand promotion on Instagram). Our experts help companies achieve impressive results on social media with the help of SMM, ensuring high conversion rates and engagement of the target audience.

Read more about all the stages of SMM marketing that are part of a marketing strategy below.

Instagram development strategy

Instagram development strategy

Our experts carefully analyze your:

  • business;

  • target audience;

  • market;

  • competitors.

The strategy is focused on maximizing results and ensuring efficient use of the advertising budget.

It is also important to understand that marketing strategies need to be updated from time to time. After all, the following criteria may change in the process of promotion:

  • The purpose of the account.

  • Content and categories.

  • Key indicators and KPIs.

  • Positioning.

  • Communication.

Content and design

Content and design

Our team of experts develops content that captures the attention of your audience and emphasizes the uniqueness of your brand. We take into account brand attributes to create visually appealing content that sets you apart from your competitors. We also make sure that photos, videos, and graphics are in harmony so that each post helps to build your brand.

Targeted advertising

Targeted advertising

In general, Instagram is often used as a platform for selling services and goods. It's easy to create a page here, it's free, and filling out the page doesn't require a lot of knowledge and time. Advertising is easy to launch through Instagram itself, thanks to the "promote" button.

It is important that when people go to the page, it is immediately clear what products/services we offer.

The page should have sales funnels:

  • in posts; ;

  • in highlights.

What should be in their content?

  • description of the product/service;

  • benefits;;

  • who it is suitable for;

  • testimonials;

  • calls to action.

Advertising purposes, which are most often used to promote blogs and shops on Instagram:

  1. The "promote" button is used when you need to advertise a post or reels that is already on your profile.

    It works great both for recruiting an audience and selling products/services.

  2. "Message" is the main goal for directly attracting applications from a cold audience for a product/service on Instagram.

    The advantages of this goal are that we immediately receive direct requests and optimize the advertising campaign based on posts, not on conversions to the profile.

  3. We use "traffic" when we need to run an ad that we don't plan to post on our profile.

    We can use this goal both to gain subscribers and to attract customers to products/services. Often, "traffic" is used for retargeting.

  4. We use "video views" when we need to familiarize the audience with the company, product/service and collect an audience base for retargeting.

What is used to collect audiences in targeted advertising?

To collect audiences, we use targeting by geography, age, gender, interests, and behavior.

Custom audiences are also available for use. They are created based on:

  • customer base;

  • page visitors;

  • people who interacted with our page.

In addition, we can create similar audiences within a particular country. This allows us to target people who are most similar to those who have already become our customers or interacted with us.

Analytics and optimization

Analytics and optimization

We provide clear reports and recommendations for continuous improvement of your Instagram promotion strategy. Based on this data, we provide recommendations for further optimization of the strategy. Our goal is to constantly improve the effectiveness of campaigns and ensure a high level of profitability.

What can Instagram ads do for your business?

Instagram promotion for business owners will bring a number of significant benefits:


Expanding your audience

With a well-thought-out integrated Instagram marketing strategy, you can attract new followers interested in your brand and products.

Increase conversion

An active presence on Instagram helps to increase conversion and, consequently, sales. Your products or services will be available to a wide range of customers.

Customer loyalty

Interacting with your audience through Instagram allows you to maintain constant contact with customers, which helps to maintain their loyalty.

Brand awareness

Active content and aesthetic design help to create a recognizable brand image, which helps to increase brand awareness.


Effective content attracts attention and encourages more interaction with the audience, which in turn increases interest in your brand.


Instagram provides tools for analyzing the effectiveness of content. This allows you to correct and improve your promotion strategy to achieve the best results.

Creating a favorable reputation

Instagram activity helps to build a positive image of your brand, which is important for attracting new customers and maintaining the reputation of existing ones.

Competitive advantag

If your competitors are already present on Instagram, you have to win the attention and interest of the community.

Who is suitable for SMM promotion on Instagram?

SMM promotion can be useful for a wide range of businesses. Here is a detailed overview of the different types of businesses that can benefit from effective social media promotion:

01 Online stores

SMM helps to draw attention to products, promote promotions, create special offers and increase conversions.

02 Restaurants and cafes

Social media is ideal for the restaurant business. Beautiful food photos, customer reviews, and advertising campaigns can help attract new visitors.

03 Educational institutions and training courses

SMM can help you attract students, provide information about courses, and act as an expert in your field.

04 Technology startups and IT companies

SMM increases brand awareness, promotes new products, and attracts talented potential employees and investors.

05 Personal brands

Instagram promotion is an important channel for attracting new followers and finding sponsors.

It's important to remember that every business has its own peculiarities, so the SMM strategy should be individualized. The best approach is to consult a marketer.

Why us?

Solve Marketing specialists

regularly improve their skills at webinars and marketing courses to work comprehensively at the highest level. We are always up to date with new products and therefore use all the features of advertising tools.

We have 25+ marketing experts

in our team, so we give your account the attention it deserves. Thanks to our experience with various topics, we help clients not only from Ukraine but also from Europe.

We love marketing

and are constantly learning new skills to be better. People say we have a work cult. But we just love what we do.

Our goal

is to make their brands recognizable and organize a steady stream of sales on social media.

Our experience

is $4,000,000 in profit for our clients per year. We work for results!

Frequently asked questions about Instagram promotion:

The requests from clients who contact us for Instagram advertising and promotion often differ from each other. But there are also questions that almost everyone asks.

  • Using SMM marketing on Instagram allows you to:
    • increase brand awareness and the number of applications;
    • increase the traffic to your account;
    • increase the engagement of the target audience with your posts and products.
  • The main principle of its functioning is to attract the attention of the audience by actively using marketing campaigns. It is worth noting that the audience of social networks is no longer just equal to, but even exceeds the audience of television. At the same time, it is much more active in terms of participation in the social life of the network and accessibility of topics of interest to it. And as a result, doing business online on social networks is much more profitable than offline.
  • This is a set of actions aimed at increasing the number of followers, popularizing products or services, and developing a brand. This includes the following methods:
    • increase the popularity of the brand and the number of applications;
    • increase account traffic;
    • increase the engagement of your target audience with your posts and products.

    It is important to note that targeted advertising remains the only officially recognized format of advertising on Instagram.

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