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Landing page tasks:

Lead collection

Lead collection

Collect contact information from visitors who have shown interest in your product or service.

Increase conversion rates

Increase conversion rates

This need arises in startups and companies that independently promote their product. Most often, they are united by one problem - marketing does not give results, and investments do not pay off.

To solve it, you need to analyze what marketing tools are used and what mistakes are made. And based on this, develop a promotion strategy that will include recommendations for optimizing the tools already in use and testing new ones.

Target audience

Target audience

Marketing research is an important tool for creating a comprehensive marketing strategy. After all, it allows you to study the market and competitors, determine the strengths and weaknesses of the business, optimal channels of promotion and pricing.

Brand display

Brand display

Market is a dynamic structure that is constantly changing under the influence of economic, political, cultural factors and other trends. Accordingly, consumer behavior and needs are changing. Therefore, in order to develop successfully, the business must adapt to these changes, anticipate future market requirements and create a successful promotion strategy based on this.

Focus on the product or service

Focus on the product or service

Do not contain a large amount of distracting content. This helps to simplify the message and focus visitors' attention on a specific product or service, which increases conversion.

Measurability and analytics

Measurability and analytics

You can determine how many visitors came to the page, which part of them performed the desired action and which elements of the page influence the conversion. This allows you to constantly improve your landing pages to achieve the best results.

Advantages of using a landing page:




They are designed for a specific purpose, such as selling a product, registering for a webinar, downloading an ebook, etc. This helps to focus visitors' attention on the main task.


Maximum conversion rate


Landing pages are optimized for maximum conversion. They contain calls to action, compelling content, and convenient forms for collecting information from leads.


Simplified information


Landing pages provide compact and concise information that is easily perceived by visitors. This makes the decision-making process easier for them.


Advertising effectiveness


The use of such pages makes an advertising campaign more accurate and effective because it is aimed at the target audience.


Testing and optimization


Landing pages are easier to test and optimize to improve conversions. A/B tests can help you determine the best design, headlines, and CTAs.


Quick results


Landing pages can be developed and launched quite quickly, which allows you to respond quickly to changes in market conditions and demand.




Landing pages are easier to track and analyze, which allows you to collect valuable information about visitor behavior and optimize your marketing strategy.


Reduced costs


Due to its focus on a specific goal and high conversion rate, this type of website can help reduce advertising costs and increase revenue.


Possibility of segmentation


You can create different landing pages for different segments of your audience and study their feedback and needs.


Increase trust


Well-designed landing pages can build trust in your brand and product.

Key components of a landing page:

Don't forget about continuous improvement and optimization, taking into account visitor feedback and analyzing the results.

With the help of these key components, a landing page can become an effective tool for attracting attention and customers to your business.

Headline and subheading

Headline and subheading

The title is the first thing a visitor sees. It should be short and indicate the main advantage of your product or service.

Subheading: It is important to use it to grab the attention of visitors.

Visual design and images

Visual design and images

A stylish and attractive landing page design helps to create a positive first impression. Use high-quality images and graphics that match the theme of your website. Consider a color palette that suits your brand and promotes an emotional connection with the visitor.

Textual content

Textual content

Video can be a powerful tool for presenting your product or service. Use it to demonstrate benefits and features.

Graphic elements, animations, and illustrations can help you explain complex information visually.

Videos and multimedia elements

Videos and multimedia elements

Відео може бути потужним інструментом для презентації вашого продукту або послуги. Використовуйте його для демонстрації користі та можливостей.

Графічні елементи, анімація та ілюстрації можуть допомогти вам візуально пояснити складну інформацію.

Forms and call-to-action (CTA)

Forms and call-to-action (CTA)

Add a form to collect information from visitors, such as name and email address.

Create a relevant call-to-action (CTA) that encourages visitors to take action, such as "Sign Up," "Buy Now," or "Get a Free Consultation."

Case studies

Case studies

Testimonials and recommendations from satisfied customers can go a long way toward building trust in your product or service.

Include logos or information about partnerships with well-known brands or organizations to emphasize your credibility.

Stages of creating a landing page:

01 Step
Research your target audience:

Determine the characteristics and needs of your target audience, such as age, gender, interests, problems, and wishes.

Analyze your competitors and identify what makes you different.

02 Step
Develop a Unique Selling Proposition:

Create a unique offer that sets you apart from your competitors and points out the benefits of using your product or service.

Use your product's favorable features and benefits to create a compelling USP.

03 Step
Page structure and organization:

Determine the logical structure of the landing page, including headings, subheadings, text, and visual content.

Place key information in visible places and easy-to-read blocks.

04 Step
Choose a color palette and fonts:

Choose colors that match your brand and create positive emotions.

Choose fonts that are easy to read and reflect your style.

05 Step
Page structure and organization:

Ensure that your landing page is responsive to be displayed on a variety of screen sizes, including smartphones and tablets.

Use adaptive designs to ensure that content is displayed correctly on different devices.

06 Етап
Testing and analysis:

Test your landing page before launch to identify possible problems and fix them.

Installing analytical tools to track visitor behavior and analyze results.

07 Step
Launch and optimization:

After successful testing, launch the landing page for the target audience.

Continuously improve and optimize the landing page based on analytics and visitor feedback to improve conversions and performance.

These steps help to create an effective landing page that not only attracts attention but also convinces visitors to take part in your offers or actions.
These steps help to create an effective landing page that not only attracts attention but also convinces visitors to take part in your offers or actions.

SEO for landing pages

SEO promotion of a landing page is a set of tasks aimed at increasing the visibility of the page in search results for targeted queries. Thanks to SEO promotion, a landing page can receive organic traffic and, therefore, rise higher in search results.

Let's figure out if it is worth doing SEO optimization of websites such as landing pages at all. To determine this, you should consider the entire chain of events.

You can visualize the work of SEO in terms of website promotion as follows:


Search engines index a website and evaluate its compliance with quality criteria.


If the resource meets the criteria, it gets a high ranking in the search results for targeted queries.

Advantages of landing pages

Modern landing pages are compact one-page websites whose main task is to sell a product or service.

Develop a landing page

Unlike a classic multi-page website, where the strategy of working with a client includes informing and working through “pain” points on each individual page of the resource, a landing page is straightforward.

Is SEO promotion effective for a landing page?

SEO is not the best solution for increasing traffic for all single-page websites.

With some landing pages, search engine optimization can show itself at the highest level and gradually increase the flow of customers over time. With other landing pages, SEO may not yield noticeable results.

So how do you know if it's worth spending time on search engine optimization?

You should pay attention to the fundamental aspects of any landing page:

01 Your product or service has a long life cycle

Single-page websites are often created for seasonal products and goods, and are promoted using PPC and SMM. To effectively sell services or goods using SEO, you need something else.

For example, a search engine optimization system will not be able to show the desired results for a landing page selling goods on Black Friday, but in the long run, it can increase the volume of traffic to the site whose product is a marketing strategy.

02 Landing Pages are present in the top of search results

Don't forget that search engines trust landing pages slightly less than multi-page websites. This is due to the direct sale of goods or services.

Bottom line: if your niche does not have Landing Pages in the top search results, search engine optimization is unlikely to bring you the desired results.

Answers to frequently asked questions

We have collected answers to the most common questions about creating a landing page:

  • Landing page creation is the process of creating a web page that is specifically designed for one particular marketing task. The main goal of a landing page is to attract the attention of the target audience and encourage them to perform a certain action, such as:
    • Filling out an order form or contact data for more information.
    • Subscribe to the newsletter.
    • Downloading an e-book, being notified of a new product release, etc.
    • Purchase of a service or product.
  • К исследованию мы привлекаем специалистов, которые помогут найти пути достижения бизнес-целей. Поэтому, вы получите синтез рекомендаций:
    • маркетолога проекта, который проанализирует сайты и ресурсы конкурентов;
    • контент-маркетолога, который проанализирует ваш сайт и социальные сети;
    • специалиста по лидогенерации, который поможет выявить, какие именно рекламные источники используют другие компании.
  • У нас есть опыт как в работе с международными SaaS-проектами, так и с производствами. Мы работаем с финансово-техническими стартапами, проектами в сфере логистики, учебными курсами, сервисами и услугами.

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