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How we set up a lead generation to sell heat pumps and got 86 leads in 2 weeks

How to get results in the niche of complex and little-known products? Today we are sharing our experience of promoting a heat pump manufacturer. It will be interesting!

Let’s navigate through the case:

  1. Our customer
  2. Our team
  3. Stage one. Identification of needs
  4. Stage two. Research
  5. Workflow
  6. Results

Our customer

Celeste Energy is a company that manufactures and sells heat pumps tailored to the specific climate of Ukraine. The company’s main goal is to ensure independence from gas in Ukraine. 

Celeste Energy is the leader of the economy segment in the Ukrainian market in terms of price-quality ratio.

A heat pump is a type of equipment that collects scattered heat energy from the environment (water, air, or soil) and converts it into heat energy. This is how you can ensure the availability of air conditioning, heating, and hot water supply for residential or industrial facilities. The principle of operation is similar to that of an air conditioner or refrigerator, which aims to transfer heat from one place to another.

Advantages of heat pumps: 

  • They allow saving on heating costs up to 4 times per season (compared to electric and gas boilers);
  • the simplicity of the heat pump design allows them to operate for up to 20 years without major repairs;
  • They are “green” heating systems: there are no emissions of harmful substances into the atmosphere, no hard-to-recover resources (firewood, gas, coal) are used, and they operate only on electricity;
  • the devices can be used for heating, air conditioning, domestic water and pool heating;
  • it is possible to use a heat pump as the only source of heat, as well as in combination with other heating devices;
  • the absence of fuel and contact with fire eliminates the possibility of fires, explosions, and leakage of substances hazardous to life and health.

Our team

A team of the following specialists worked on setting up lead generation for Celeste Energy:

img img

The CMO of the project is Serhii Soloviov.

Stage one. Identification of needs

During the consultation process, we identified the following problems and business needs:

  1. heat pumps are not a product of mass demand. Therefore, the target audience does not always know what they are and what advantages they have over other climate systems;
  1. you need to attract leads that are already interested in installing heat pumps, not just want to know what they are;
  2. the customer has a very limited timeframe for conducting an advertising campaign and getting results — 2 weeks.

This timeframe was due to the fact that only during this period did the customer have the opportunity to hold a promotion with a significant discount on equipment. There was a need to maximize sales promotion to free up warehouses, as the company planned to store a new series of heat pumps.

To solve these issues, we created a work plan and started implementing it without wasting a second.

Stage two. Research

At the beginning of our work, we conduct research to help us find answers to the following questions:

img img

The research helped us to find out:

  • How the customer’s business works. What exactly do we sell and why it is important for the audience;
  • who are the strongest competitors and what do we need to do to differentiate ourselves from them;
  • what advertising tools should be used soon.

Detailed research and identification of needs helped us to formulate our service — a comprehensive lead generation setup: website audit, setting up and launching Facebook & Google ADS, and developing advertising creatives and texts.


1. Recommendations for website optimization

Before starting work, the customer prepared a promotional page for advertising. We analyzed the page and helped to improve it:

  • optimized the images using the Tinypng service, which allowed us to reduce the “weight” of the site and thus speed up the loading by 40%;
  • switched to an SSL certificate;
  • installed and configured Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel;
  • duplicated feedback buttons so that people could immediately take the necessary action.

2. Setting up Google ADS ads

The customer chose two cities to launch advertising — Kyiv and Odesa. They were chosen because the customer has showrooms, installation teams, and service centers located in these cities.

2.1. Segmentation of search queries

We divided the queries into 3 categories: branded, heating equipment, and direct queries such as: “heat pump buy/price”, etc. Optimization was set up for clicks and leads.

2.2. The ad

We used the tactic of pinning headlines to better convey our message and weed out people who are not satisfied with the price. Its essence is that the ad headline is divided into 3 parts. The system shows people different combinations of these parts. In our case, we fixed part 1, which contained the text “Heat pumps from $2529” and part 3 – “-10% up to 7.12”.

Since the user immediately sees this information, we have reduced the number of requests for information about the price.

Our headlines from Part 2 fully conveyed the queries we collected in the semantic core. That’s why the average CTR for the entire duration of the campaign was 11.59%. In total, we received 31 leads for 377 UAH each. By lead, we mean: pump selection, ordering a callback, consultation, and a phone call to the company.

3. Setting up Facebook ADS ads

Important: We immediately installed a Pixel on the Facebook website so that the social network’s artificial intelligence could analyze people’s behavior and profiles and find a similar audience. The geography of ad impressions was the same — the cities of Kyiv and Odesa.

All the while, we continued to look for the most effective link.

What is a bundle?

These are interconnected advertising components that bring targeted applications.

The components of advertising include:

  • type of optimization;
  • audience
  • advertising text and creative;
  • traffic landing page.

Our experience speeds up the process of finding an effective link, but we never rely on it alone. The Solve Marketing team is always looking for new connections, even if we are sure that we already know the best option.

3.1 Advertising creatives

We created a series of advertising creatives of both creative and technical nature. This was necessary to determine which ad format would draw more attention to the ad and have a high CTR (audience interest).

In the process, we conducted an interesting experiment to compare the two types of creatives. You can learn more by following the link.

4. Lead generation through the website

We tested 2 audiences:

  • people who are interested in home repairs, electricity, etc;
  • the general audience (no interest).

By comparing CTR (audience interest) and CPL (cost per lead), we found out which audience is more suitable for scaling.

Type of audience:CTR, %CPL, UAH
By direct interests1,8240

After processing these requests, we compared the quality of leads with Google ADS and decided to suspend this advertising and test quotes.

5. Lead generation through queries

The main advantages of a quote are:

  • Formation of a more detailed lead profile;
  • better suited for Facebook and Instagram ads.

In this particular case, we achieved an average conversion rate of 8.25%. This is a very good result for this niche. It was achieved due to the right choice of audience and creative.

Customer`s feedback:

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